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Ban Appeals

How to Appeal

1. Go to the ban appeal site

2. Login with Discord

We require you to login with Discord so we know who you are. This allows us to retrieve and display your ban information and link your appeal with this ban.

We only retrieve and store your Discord ID and username. No other information is retrieved or stored.

We will not unban alt accounts. If you have been banned for using an alt, please login with your originally banned account to appeal your original ban.

3. Review your ban

If you have an active ban, its details will be shown after logging in. The date, duration and reason for the ban will be displayed. Some of this information may not be available, depending on the circumstances of your ban.

4. Write your appeal

You may write your appeal in the form provided below your ban information. Appeals are limited to 2000 characters.

5. Submit your appeal

Click the submit button to submit your appeal. You will then see confirmation that your appeal was submitted.

6. Wait patiently

Avoid contacting the moderation team to try and speed up your appeal

Once your appeal has been submitted the moderation team will discuss your case. We may reach out to you if we require additional information or if we have anything to discuss. In any case, the ban appeal site will inform you on the status of your appeal.

7. Review the response

Once the moderation team has responded to your appeal, the ban appeal site will inform you of the result.

Your appeal was accepted

If your appeal was accepted, you ban has been removed and you may rejoin the server. A reason containing additional information may also have been provided by the moderation team.

Your appeal was declined

If your appeal was declined, your ban will remain in place and you must wait 6 months before you may appeal again. Please review the reason provided by the moderation team for further information.