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Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

The Arena contains dedicated areas for fighting mobs and The Wither. It is located in its own world to allow for more tailored server settings, and to minimise its performance impact when not being actively used. The Arena can be reached via a portal located ...


Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Villagers on the Survival Server do not work quite the same as they do in the vanilla game. We have made some changes to some villager related behaviours and mechanics in the interest of improving server performance, as well as reigning in the often unbalanced...

Block Wrench

Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

In order to see the wrench texture, the RTGame Server Resource Pack must be installed, The wrench will still function without the Resource Pack. The block wrench allows rotation of certain blocks without having to mine and replace them. This can be convenient...


Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Dynmap is an interactive map of the server accessible via a web browser with abilities to view different worlds, a flat and 3D view, following players on the server and more. For Survival server maps, these are not fully rendered in advance, rather they are o...

Armour Stand Editor

Minecraft Server

The Armour Stand Editor allows for easy editing of armour stands and item frames, with a selection of tools accessible via a GUI. Selecting a Tool To edit an armour stand or item frame, first open the Armor Stand Editor menu by right clicking the air while h...

Reporting bugs

Minecraft Server

If you think you have found a bug or exploit, we encourage you to report it to us for investigation. The best way to report an issue is to submit a ticket via the "Report a Bug" button in #minecraft-info. We would rather receive multiple reports than none at a...

Getting moderator help

Minecraft Server

If you require a staff member's help, you can file a ModReq (Moderator request). A ModReq will inform all staff of your issue. If no staff are online, they will be alerted to it once they join. Making a ModReq Stand at the location of the problem (if appl...


Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Cameras allow you to take photos of the world, which can be displayed and manipulated just like regular maps. Obtaining Cameras can be crafted using 6 Iron Blocks, 1 Redstone Block, 1 Glass Pane and 1 Glowstone Dust on a Crafting Table. Recipe for the Camer...

Art Map

Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Art map allows you to paint directly onto maps to create map art without placing blocks. Preparation In order to paint you will need to create an easel, canvas and paintbrush, which can all be crafted with the below recipes. Easel Canvas Paintbrush ...


Minecraft Server

In order to see furniture, the RTGame Server Resource Pack must be installed,  This feature will not function correctly when using Bedrock Edition.Furniture will display as oak planks in a floating item frame. The Survival Server features custom furniture mo...


Minecraft Server

On the Survival Server, certain blocks and furniture items allow you to sit on them to aid relaxation. How to Sit To sit, right click with an empty hand when you are less than two blocks away from a seating block. How to Stand Up You can stand up again b...

Results and changes for 1.18 Stress Test

Minecraft Server Survey Results

This is a summary of the changes we will be implementing for the RTGame Minecraft 1.18.2 Stress Test Video Game Gaming Server (8MB) (for PlayStation®️2), following the feedback from the recent survey. 80 of you responded and your feedback is valued. Some of t...

The Nether

Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

The Nether Hub The Nether Hub is a prebuilt structure located at the Nether equivalent of the overworld spawn point. It features a portal to the overworld, 4 interconnected ice highways for fast transport to other areas of the Nether, and space in the corners...


Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

The Mall is an area near spawn dedicated to player shops. It can be accessed by travelling to the Overworld spawn and then following the stairs down. Mall area Layout and Facilities The shops are arranged in a grid with paths between them for access. A comm...

Towns, Settlements and POIs

Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Towns A player created settlement which has reached a certain size can apply for Town status. Towns get extra perks including a marker on the Dynmap which is visible by default, a listing on the RTGame Wiki Minecraft Server page and an in-game Sightseeing Adv...


Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

Amplified is an additional world accessible in the Survival Server with amplified generation. This world features the same settings as the Overworld, with an infinite border. This world does not have a dynmap. This is a commonly used world for resource gather...

Server settings

Minecraft Server 1.20 Survival Server

This page will never be an exhaustive list of differences from vanilla.Purpur and the projects it is based on make many fundamental changes to the game which can impact how things behave. This page lists miscellaneous settings used on the server which differ ...

Ban Appeals

Discord Server

How to Appeal 1. Go to the ban appeal site 2. Login with Discord We require you to login with Discord so we know who you are. This allows us to retrieve and display your ban information and link your appeal with this ban. We only retrieve and store your Di...


Discord Server

Listening to Music To listen, simply join 🔈 The Music Zone stage channel whilst I Want Die is present, and enjoy. You are free to converse with other listeners in 🔈 The Music Zone's text chat. To see what is currently playing, type .now. You may also view th...


Discord Server

The #bot_room channel offers various bot commands you can use for a bit of fun, including trivia quizzes, gambling with pretend money and image manipulation. Trivia Only one trivia quiz can be played at once in a channel. You may create a thread if you want ...