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In order to see furniture, the RTGame Server Resource Pack must be installed, 

This feature will not function correctly when using Bedrock Edition.
Furniture will display as oak planks in a floating item frame.

The Survival Server features custom furniture models which can be crafted placed in the world for extra decoration.

image-1640872175023.png image-1640872175031.png




  • Wool x4
  • Carpet x2
  • Oak fence x2



  • Wood planks x2
  • Slab x1
  • Fence x2


Coffee table

  • Black concrete x2
  • Glass pane x1
  • Iron bars x2



  • Wood / hyphae x3
  • Planks x4
  • Slab x1


Office chair

  • Wool x3
  • Polished Blackstone button x2
  • Black concrete x1



  • Wool x3
  • Oak fence x2



  • Slab x3
  • Fence x2



  • Stone slab x1
  • Podzol x1
  • Black concrete x2


Furniture is placed in the same way as a regular block, requiring a full empty block in order to be placed. Placing furniture against existing furniture will require you to sneak if the furniture can be interacted with, much like placing against other interactable blocks.

Placed furniture will rotate according to the angle at which you placed it. Most furniture supports 8 angles of rotation, but some may only support the 4 cardinal directions.

Placing blocks (and other furniture) on top of furniture is possible with some precise aim. All placed furniture blocks have an invisible item frame located at the top of their block. This item frame will prevent you from placing blocks if you are targeting it, so ensure you are targeting the block instead.


Furniture can be removed by left clicking its block. Only the lowest block will be clickable, regardless of the apparent size of the furniture.

As with placing blocks, targeting the furniture's item frame will prevent you from removing the furniture. Ensure you are targeting the furniture's block instead for successful removal.

Creative Mode Usage

Due to the limitations imposed by server side plugins, the Pick Block feature will not work with placed furniture

Whilst furniture can be crafted in creative mode, the Build and Creative servers offer a /furniture get <furniture> command for quicker access to all available furniture types.