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Getting moderator help

If you require a staff member's help, you can file a ModReq (Moderator request).

A ModReq will inform all staff of your issue. If no staff are online, they will be alerted to it once they join.

Making a ModReq

  1. Stand at the location of the problem (if applicable).
  2. Type the command /modreq <message>
  3. Replace <message> with your problem, providing enough information for staff to understand and resolve the issue.
  4. Send the message.

This will create a ModReq and notify any online staff, who will then look into your issue when possible.

Viewing your ModReq

You can view the current status of your ModReqs using /mr me. This will list all the ModReqs you have created. Clicking the [View] button next to a ModReq in the list will display more detailed information. If you know your ModReq's ID, you can use /mr info <id> to view the detailed information directly.

The ModReq Lifecycle

A ModReq initially starts as open, containing the message you initially provided. During the course of handling your ModReq, both you and staff members may add comments to request or provide further information, close the ModReq to indicate the issue is resolved, and reopen it if the issue persists.

You will be immediately notified on any activity on your ModReqs if you are online at the time, and otherwise shortly after your join the server.

Please remember all of our staff are human and we work on a best effort basis when we have the free time to do so, please be patient.