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The Arena contains dedicated areas for fighting mobs and The Wither. It is located in its own world to allow for more tailored server settings, and to minimise its performance impact when not being actively used.

The Arena can be reached via a portal located at the Overworld spawn.


Several server settings are adjusted in the Arena world to provide more of a challenge and to offer additional gameplay options. The mob cap is set 10x higher than in other worlds, so sizeable mob hordes are possible. Charged Creepers and Illusioners also have a (higher) chance of naturally spawning. Mobs capable of picking up dropped items have a 100% chance of doing so if they encounter any. The weather is always stormy in the Arena world, allowing free use of riptide and channeling tridents.

Dying in the Arena world drops 90% of your XP so there is less of a penalty. Dropped Elytra, Tridents, Bows, Crossbows, Netherite/Gold/Diamond/Iron tools/armour are immune to fire or explosions in the arena world, making them less likely to be lost after death.

When arriving at the Arena world, you can travel to the left to find the Wither Arena, and to the right to find the Mob Arena, Farm and the Respawn Room.

Mob Arena

Arena 1.png

The Mob Arena is a dedicated area for fighting hostile mobs. The arena building itself cannot be edited or destroyed by mobs or players. 

The main entrance to the Mob Arena is the large door at the front-centre, but other entrances and exists also exist. There is also a viewing gallery to the right of the main entrance, where other players can watch the action safely. It is best not to hesitate when entering the Mob Arena, as mobs will happily use the door you have opened to leave.

Respawn Room

To the left of the Mob Arena entrance is the respawn room. It serves as a (relatively) safe area for players to respawn and resupply before fighting in the Mob Arena. The room contains chest for storing and sorting gained look, a cow to provide milk for removing status effects and a lost and found area to place encountered items dropped by other players for later recovery.

Wither Arena

The Wither Arena is a dedicated area for fighting The Wither, and is the only place where The Wither can drop a nether star. It features a large open area offering plenty of space for fighting. The Wither Arena is partially destructible and will be damaged by Wither Projectiles and other explosions. The outer walls of the arena building are not destructible, so Withers should not be able to escape entirely.

At the rear of the Wither Arena is the rest room which can be used as a relatively safe spot to heal and reorganise during the fight. This room is not destructible. Indestructible Ladders are present below the entrance of the Wither Arena and the rest room, so escape should always be possible regardless of the level of terrain destruction.

Blocks in the Wither Arena can be mined by players, but they will not drop anything. Blocks blown up by the Wither will also drop nothing. The only blocks that can be placed in the Wither Arena are Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton Skulls, all other block placements are denied. Whilst some spawning platforms exist in the arena, the Wither may be spawned anywhere.

Dying in the Wither Arena will immediately respawn you just outside the building, allowing you to rejoin the fight quickly. Withers within the arena will not target and cannot be damaged by players who are outside of the arena building; but can still damage them.

Reset Button

The rest room also contains the Wither Arena Reset Button (TM), which will reset the arena shortly after being pressed. Pressing the button will start a 5 second countdown before the arena gets reset; pressing the button again during this time will cancel the reset. Once the 5 seconds have passed all players, dropped items and tamed mobs will be teleported out of the arena. All remaining mobs will be killed and the arena will then be reset to its initial state, repairing any damage.

The reset button has a 30 second cooldown after each successful use.


A small farm is located in front of the Mob Arena, which can be used as a food source for replenishing health. As with all public farms, please ensure to replant after use.