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The Nether

The Nether Hub

The Nether Hub is a prebuilt structure located at the Nether equivalent of the overworld spawn point. It features a portal to the overworld, 4 interconnected ice highways for fast transport to other areas of the Nether, and space in the corners for player-created communal areas.


Ice Highways

There are four Ice Highways which interconnect at the centre of the Nether Hub. Each highway has a colour - Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple, for directions North, East, South and West respectively. Players can expand the highways to provide quick and efficient transportation through The Nether.


Only Staff and Trusted players can add locations to the directories


Nether DirectoriesThe Directories are located at the Nether Hub on both sides of each Ice Highway, just before they merge together. Each directory contains a list of noteworthy locations which can be found along an Ice Highway, on the side the directory is located on.

Each listed location will include a sign with a navigational block behind it. This block will be unique to the location, and matching blocks will be located at regular intervals alongside the Ice Highway. Following these blocks will lead you to the location listed on the directory.

It is the responsibility of players to maintain the Ice Highways and navigational blocks outside of the Nether Hub. Whilst the directories themselves cannot be edited by all players, certain trusted players will have the ability to edit them. If you would like a location to be added, you may ask a trusted player or request an addition in a modreq. Please note that the location will need to meet the below requirements, and that a navigational block will need to be decided upon and sourced in large enough quantities to cover the required Ice Highway distance.

Only Towns, Settlements, Farms, and Points of Interest (POI) are allowed on the directory. This is to avoid clogging up the directories with small player bases or other locations that are likely only of interest to a single player. Locations which are deemed inaccessible, or don't have a functioning portal / navigational blocks, may be removed from the directory to avoid misleading players.

World Size

The Nether currently has no world border and can be explored infinitely. A world border may be applied in the future if this is deemed impractical to continue. Any portals that would lead outside of the Overworld world border will be redirected to the vicinity of the border.


Claims are not available in The Nether. If you have built a structure of importance that you would like protected, please ask in a ModReq.

The Nether Roof

Access to the Nether Roof is allowed for easier travel by any of the usual means. If you would like some bedrock to be removed for easier access, please ask in a ModReq and we will remove it for you. 

Please note that mob spawns are disabled on the Nether Roof.