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Villagers on the Survival Server do not work quite the same as they do in the vanilla game. We have made some changes to some villager related behaviours and mechanics in the interest of improving server performance, as well as reigning in the often unbalanced advantages villagers provide to players.


  • Villagers will follow emerald blocks.
    Holding an emerald block will cause nearby villagers to follow you. This allows villagers to be transported without the use of a boat or minecart.
  • Villagers stuck in a 1x1 space will be ticked less often (but will restock normally).
    Villagers that are unable to pathfind out of their current position, a common setup for Trade Halls, will have their movement AI turned off. This prevents villagers endlessly trying to pathfind, improving server performance. Restocks will function as normal, and the villager will check if it is able to move again every 60 seconds.
    This setting may cause some temporarily stuck villagers to stop moving, but they will fix themselves once the next movement check occurs.
  • Zombie villager curing reputation no longer stacks.
    The major_positive reputation given to cured villagers will no longer stack up to 100, instead being limited to the 20 a single curing provides. Stacked curing allows excessive discounts that essentially remove all value from sold items, and is currently considered a bug by both Mojang and Paper. With this in mind we will be leaving paper's fix for this enabled.
  • Zombie villager infection has a 50% chance of killing the villager.
    This mirrors the infection chance of normal difficulty. We opted to maintain the normal behaviour here as curing gives a guaranteed permanent discount, so some risk needs to be present for that reward to be fairly earned.
  • Trade quality increases with villager level.
    Higher quality enchantments can only be obtained by trading with a more experienced villager.

As a reminder, please ensure any farms or trading halls follow the Redstone, Farm & Trading Hall Rules.