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Cameras allow you to take photos of the world, which can be displayed and manipulated just like regular maps.


Cameras can be crafted using 6 Iron Blocks, 1 Redstone Block, 1 Glass Pane and 1 Glowstone Dust on a Crafting Table.

image-1617116782627.pngRecipe for the Camera


Entities (including players) will not appear in photos

Once a Camera has been obtained, it can be used to take photos by right clicking while holding it. Taking a photo requires paper in your inventory, as well as a free slot to place the photo in. Once you have taken a photo it will appear in your inventory and will behave like a regular map.

The colour depth and field of view of photos are naturally limited by the size of Minecraft maps, so experimentation is recommended for optimal results. 

image-1617117119131.pngAn example photo