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Amplified is an additional world accessible in the Survival Server with amplified generation. This world features the same settings as the Overworld, with an infinite border. This world does not have a dynmap.

This is a commonly used world for resource gathering of non-renewable materials or large scale projects. Or for those seeking an adventurous view from their home.

Amplified portals

These portals work the same as vanilla Nether portals, but are built out of basalt instead of obsidian.

Amplified portals can be used in both the Overworld and The Nether to take players to Amplified, and in Amplified itself to return players to the Overworld. Nether portals can be used in Amplified to reach The Nether. Coordinate scaling between Amplified and The Nether is the same as the Overworld (1:8). This also means that coordinates for the Overworld and Amplified are 1:1.

Amplified diagram.png
Demonstration of Obsidian portals (left) and Basalt portals (right)

Additionally, a portal to Amplified can be found at spawn.