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Last updated: 27th March 2022

If you are in a rush read the bold text.

You will be held to these rules whether you read them or not. "I wasn't warned" is not an excuse, these rules are your warning.

General Rules

  1. Follow the Discord server rules
    • We are a Discord focused community, and all our Discord server rules apply here too.

  2. Respect your fellow players.
    • You should treat others how you expect to be treated yourself. We will not accept continuous toxicity, harassment, hate speech, etc.
    • Remember that this is a multiplayer environment, and not your personal server. The effects of your actions on other players must always be considered.
    • Avoid behaviour that harms other players for your personal gain, such as trying to monopolise a resource or creating artificial shortages to profit from. Taking over entire biomes or causing extensive damage to terrain is also discouraged.
    • If you are having issues with another player that you cannot work out amongst yourselves, let a staff member know. Do not take matters into your own hands.

  3. Any form of cheating, external automation or exploiting of server bugs will not be tolerated.
    • Any evidence of the above will result in an immediate permanent ban.¬†
    • This includes but is not limited to: Hacked/cheat clients, macros, auto-clickers, gameplay altering external programs, mods which give unfair advantages, x-ray resource packs, seed cracking, duping and knowingly exploiting bugs for personal gain.
    • If you are unsure whether a client or mod is considered cheating, please ask. We also maintain a list of allowed clients and mods.
    • All bugs and potential exploits should be reported to us privately. Posting discovered exploits publicly, or keeping a discovered exploit to yourself, will be treated as if you are actively using them.

  4. No inappropriate usernames, skins, capes, signs, item names, or builds.
    • This is not a family friendly server, but we draw the line at explicit NSFW or hateful content. If it is not allowed on the Discord server, it is not allowed here.
    • If your username or skin runs afoul of this rule, you will be required to change it in order to play.

  5. Griefing and stealing from other players is not allowed.
    • All block changes are logged. We will know it was you and will be able to rollback your damage instantly.
    • We consider "griefing" to be any modification to player property without their permission, or with the intention of annoying or upsetting. This applies to both claimed and unclaimed areas.

  6. AFKing to gain resources is forbidden.
    • AFKing near automated farms to get resources without actively playing is an unnecessary strain on the server and is unfair to other players. This includes AFK fishing.
    • The AFK kick timer exists to prevent this behaviour. Any attempts to bypass this timer will result in a ban.
    • Minor things like waiting for wheat to grow or animals to grow up are of course acceptable but are still subject to the AFK timer.

  7. Redstone machines, Farms and Trading Halls must follow the Redstone, Farm & Trading Hall Rules
    • We reserve the right to remove farms which do not follow these in the best interests of server performance.

  8. Do not attempt to evade punishments.
    • If you have been banned, wait it out and learn from it. Attempting to bypass a ban will make it permanent with no chance of appeal.

  9. Respect server staff and their decisions
    • We are here to maintain an enjoyable experience for all players and uphold the rules at our discretion. We are not here to ruin your fun.
    • If a staff member tells you (not) to do something, listen to them. Arguing will get you nowhere.
    • Staff decisions on matters are final, and moderation happens on a best effort basis. We are human and cannot catch everything, so someone else getting away with something does not mean you can do it consequence free.

Raid farms

Raid farms are not allowed in any form on the RTGame Minecraft server. They will be immediately removed without warning if found.

A "raid farm" is defined by either of the following being true:

  1. A raid is able to be completed without any players actively fighting.
  2. No players are at risk of dying to any mobs that are part of the raid.

This covers all variants of automated raid farms, as well as any farm that funnels raid mobs into an area where they cannot damage other players.

Redstone, Farm & Trading Hall Rules

Any redstone contraption, mob farm or villager trading hall should follow these additional rules where possible. Following these rules will help ensure the server continues to run smoothly for everyone.

  1. Keep things a reasonable size.
    • Farms should be built at the minimum size required for the resources you need.
    • Building excessively sized farms - just because you can - causes an unnecessary extra strain on the server, for resources that will likely go unused.
    • Trading Halls should only include necessary villagers. There is no hard cap but be reasonable. You do not need 8 different villagers selling the same items.
    • Try spacing out large Trading Halls horizontally, as this makes it less likely all chunks containing it are loaded simultaneously. Spacing it out vertically will have no benefit.
    • Villagers should not be allowed to build up infinitely from a breeder. Kill any unneeded villagers in order to keep your villager counts as low as possible.

  2. Have an off switch if possible.
    • Farms that are always running will put more stress on the server whenever a player is nearby, even if they are not being used.
    • Adding an off switch fixes this problem and avoids the farm backing up with excess resources that are not needed.
    • Mob spawners can be disabled by being powered with redstone.

  3. Avoid fully automated mob farms.
    • We expect farms to require some player interaction in order to generate resources.
    • Fully automatic farms encourage AFK timer abuse, and convey an unfair advantage. They also impact server performance as the server constantly attempts to spawn extra mobs to hit the mob cap.
    • Steps will be taken to limit the effectiveness of discovered farms if this rule is ignored.

  4. Destroy excess items rather than letting them back up.
    • Excess items on the ground have a small but noticeable cost, which will add up the more items exist at once.
    • If your farm is generating too many resources and cannot be turned off, consider adding a way for excess items to be destroyed, or reducing the size of your farm.¬†

  5. Do not attempt to bypass entity or block limits.
    • Mobs are the biggest demand for a server to handle. To prevent mob counts from getting out of hand, limits have been added to prevent too many mobs from spawning close to each other.
    • Some blocks such as Hoppers are also demanding on the server, so we have added limits to their placement to encourage more efficient use.
    • Do not attempt to bypass either of these limits. Instead, consider whether your farm design could be made more efficient, or if a smaller farm would be sufficient for your needs.

  6. Prefer more efficient designs where possible.
    • Some farms can be built in a way which is lighter on the server. Examples include:
    • When transporting items, use water streams rather than chains of hoppers.
    • When collecting items, use a single hopper surrounded by flowing water rather than multiple hoppers.
    • When using observers to detect growth, use one observer per row rather than one for every block.
    • When using pistons, use slime blocks to allow a single piston to push multiple blocks at once, rather than using multiple pistons.
    • Avoid using hopper minecarts if possible, they are much heavier than a regular hopper.

  7. Making farms public is strongly encouraged.
    • We would much rather see players work together to build a large public farm that benefits everyone, rather than everyone making identical private farms.
    • Multiple farms of the same type will split the mob cap amongst multiple players, making all farms less efficient. Server load will likely also be increased from all the duplicate redstone.

  8. Avoid keeping mobs in vehicles.
    • Storing mobs in minecarts and boats is far heavier than keeping them in a 1x1 space.
    • Villagers will turn off their movement AI if they are stuck in a 1x1 space, reducing their load on the server significantly.
    • Villagers will follow players carrying emerald blocks, which can be used instead of boats for transporting them.

  9. Make some attempt to beautify farms.
      • Farms should make some attempt to fit in to the surrounding landscape and be nice to look at.
      • Floating farms or farms with no attempt made to beautify may be removed. Some leeway will be given for farms that are still under construction.


    Staff reserve the right to remove farms, redstone or trading halls they deem to not follow these rules or are suspected to be affecting server performance. Unless performance issues are ongoing and severe, we will always attempt to contact the owner to request improvements be made first.

    Staff also reserve the right to make alterations to mob spawning, drop rates, and other mechanics in order to enforce these rules and maintain server performance. These changes may occur with or without notice.

    Allowed Clients & Mods

    The following mods, clients and tools are considered acceptable for use on the server. This list may change at any time as updates for them are released. Anything not on this list should be assumed to be not allowed. If you are unsure whether something you would like to use is allowed, please ask a staff member.

    Allowed clients

    • The Vanilla client (of course)
    • Badlion Client
      Some features have been disabled the server in the interests of maintaining a level playing field.
    • Optifine
      Although we recommend Sodium instead.
    • Vivecraft
      Both VR and non-VR versions are allowed. VR teleportation is limited for fairness and some optional features have not been enabled.
    • Lunar Client

    Allowed mods

    • Performance improvements¬†(Sodium, Phosphor, etc)
      Mods which aim to improve client performance without altering gameplay are fine to use.
    • Minimaps (VoxelMap, Xaero's Minimap, etc)
      Minimap mods are allowed with the following restrictions:
      • The minimap should not display the locations of mobs or items (sometimes called "Entity Radar")
      • The minimap should not display caves (sometimes called "Cave mapping")
      • The minimap should not display death markers.
      • If a "fair play" or "pvp" version of the minimap is available, please use that version.
    • Replay recorders (Replay mod)
      Replay recording mods are allowed, provided they do not allow the camera to be moved during gameplay.
    • Quality of life improvements
      Quality of life mods are generally acceptable, provided they don't convey a significant gameplay advantage in PvE or PvP situations. Mods which merely display information the game already tells you elsewhere are also fine.
      • Acceptable examples:
        • Inventory sorters
        • HUD Armor status
        • Targeted block information displays
        • Light level indicators
        • Toggle sprint/sneak
        • Anything showing information the game already tells you elsewhere, such as in the debug (F3) screen
      • Unacceptable examples:
        • Automatic item swapping, equipping or crafting without player input
        • Scripting or macros
    • Schematic mods
      Schematic mods which display "holograms" to aid with building are allowed, provided they do not affect any part of the building process itself.