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Lore Tokens

Lore tokens allow you to add custom text ("lore") to an item, which will appear in purple in the item's tooltip.



Lore tokens may be found as loot in End Chests, located within structures in The End, and rarely from fishing. Players may also choose to sell tokens in the mall or elsewhere.


A lore token must have some lore added to it, before it can be applied to an item. Adding lore is a similar process to writing a book, use the token to open the book and replace the placeholder text with the desired lore. Note that lore is limited to 100 characters, and all line breaks, extra pages, and characters beyond the limit are ignored.

Once you are done, close the book. Signing the book is not required.


Once a lore token has lore it can be applied to an item using an anvil, in a similar manner to an enchanted book.