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The Shopkeepers plugin allows you to create chest-based shops with an NPC shopkeeper. The shopkeeper can then be configured to offer trades to other players, even while you are offline.

Creating a Shopkeeper

To create a shopkeeper, look at a chest you recently placed and use the command /shopkeeper. This will spawn your shopkeeper - a villager - on the side of the chest you were looking at. This can also be on top of the chest.

Mobs other than villagers can also be used as shopkeepers. Providing a mob type in the shopkeeper command (/shopkeeper <type>) will create a shopkeeper of that type. Not all mob types are available, but many of them are.

Regardless of the mob type, shopkeepers exist only to offer your trades. They have no AI and will not move from the spot they were created at.

Creating Trades


To create trades you firstly need to place the items you want to sell in the shopkeeper's chest. For example, if you're selling wood you need to put at least 1 wood in the chest to be able to create the trade.

Next you need to sneak + right click on your shopkeeper. This will open the Shopkeeper Editor which is used to setup your trades.

The first row, shown in red, shows all the unique items contained in the chest, which you can offer trades for.

The third row, shown in green, is the primary cost for the trade, which is the first item a buyer will need to complete the trade. The second row, shown in blue, is an optional secondary cost. This is the second item a buyer will need to complete the trade.

Once an item has been placed in any of the above rows, its quantity can be increased by 1 with left clicking, and decreased by 1 with right-clicking. Shift + clicking will increase / decrease the amount by 10 at a time.

The books to the left and right, shown in pink, can be clicked as needed to switch between pages, to sell more than nine items.

Only items with costs will be offered as trades. Decreasing an item's cost to 0 will hide it from trading players.

Customising Shopkeepers

The appearance of the shopkeeper can be customised with the buttons at the bottom of the Shopkeeper Editor, shown in red below. These buttons will vary based on the mob type of the shopkeeper, Villagers will have buttons to set their profession and level and age, while other mobs may have buttons for age and appearance, or nothing at all.

Shopkeepers can be named by using a nametag. Their name will be displayed above them at all times, in green.

Shopkeepers can also be moved by clicking the ender pearl icon and right-clicking the desired new location. Note that this only moves the shopkeeper mob, not the chest they are linked to. In addition, shopkeepers may only be moved up to 2 blocks away from their chest.


Deleting Shopkeepers

To delete a shopkeeper, click on the bone in the bottom right corner of the Shopkeeper Editor.

This will remove the shopkeeper and leave the chest unprotected, with its contents intact. Any created trades will be lost.

Trading with Shopkeepers

To trade with a shopkeeper, right click them to open their trade UI, which will show the owner's trades. Trading with the shopkeeper works the same as trading with a villager; select a trade from the list on the left, provide the required items, and retrieve the resulting item from the right.

You cannot trade with your own shopkeepers.


Miscellaneous notes

You will be notified when players trade with one of your shops, if you are online at the time. This can be disabled by clicking the bell icon in the shopkeeper editor. You will not be notified if a shop runs out of stock, or if the shop's chest is full, so be sure to check your shops regularly.

It is advised to leave an empty slot within the chest, so trades can still successfully happen. If a chest if 100% full, all trade attempts will fail.