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Creative Server

As part of our 1.19.4 update, we have had to introduce a different plugin for limiting WorldEdit operation speeds, as the previous plugin is no longer maintained. See Increasing WorldEdit Speed if your operations are too slow.

The creative server uses the PlotSquared plugin, for which you can find the wiki for here.

The world is split up into plots, which you can claim and build within. You are allowed to use WorldEdit within your plots.

Claiming a plot

/plot auto Automatically claims a plot for you
/plot claim

Claims the plot you are currently standing within

/plot delete Unclaims the current plot you are in. This will delete everything


You are able to claim multiple plots, and merge them into one larger plot.

/plot merge <all/n/e/s/w> Merge the plot you are standing on, with another plot
/plot unlink Unlink a merged plot


There are multiple ways to travel, teleport and visit other plots in the creative server

/plot home Teleport to your plot
/plot visit [player/alias/world/id] Teleport to the specified plot
/plot middle Teleports you to the centre of the current plot

Other players

You can allow other players to also build within your plots - or deny them even entering.

/plot trust <player> Allow a user to build in a plot and use WorldEdit while the plot owner is offline.
/plot add <player> Allow a user to build in a plot while the plot owner is online.
/plot remove Remove an added, trusted or denied player from a plot
/plot kick Kick a player from your plot - Moves the player outside
/plot deny Deny a user from a plot - They cannot enter your plot

Flags and options

Flags are options you can set within your plot to fit your desired theme. From time of day and music through to weather, PvP, and more.

/plot flag <set/remove/add/list/info> <flag> <value> Set the described plot flag.

A list of all available flags can be found here.

/plot alias set <alias> Set the plot name
/plot desc <description> Set the plot description
/plot music Player music in a plot
/plot biome [biome] Sets the biome of a plot. May need a reconnect to see changes.
/plot set home Sets the home and spawn location for anyone visiting your plot


/plot done Mark a plot as done. You will not be able to edit the plot any more after this
/plot continue Continue a plot that was previously marked as done

Increasing WorldEdit speed

To avoid issues with server performance, we make use of a plugin which limits the speed at which WorldEdit operations are applied. The default speed is rather low and can be increased using /wets <blocks per tick>. Increasing blocks per tick will make operations complete faster but may also impact server performance. Please attempt to strike a reasonable balance whilst considering other players on the server.

Other commands

/plot save Save your plot / schematic
/plot restore Load your plot / schematic
/plot clear Clear a plot