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Known Issues

The software allowing for Bedrock Edition support is still under active development, and bugs are inevitable. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the issues you may run into. We will attempt to keep this up to date.

Please avoid reporting issues already listed here. We cannot do much about them until they are fixed in the underlying software.


Movement issues around certain blocks

Movement issues can occur when navigating near non-full blocks, such as stairs, slabs, and especially snow layers.  This will manifest as random teleporting, or occasionally becoming entirely stuck. This can be fixed by finding an alternative route, flying around the obstacle in creative mode (if available), or in extreme cases switching back to Java Edition or asking a mod for assistance.

Some villagers may not show correct prices

For example those showing discounts or mark-ups. This will manifest as the trade simply not going through, or the UI picking a replacement trade that you may be able to afford instead.

Doors do not animate smoothly

Doors using the Big Doors plugin that are opening or closing may appear to move incorrectly, or fail to animate at all. This is purely visual and the door itself is unaffected.


Invisible Item frames will be visible

Invisible item frames are not invisible when viewed on Bedrock Edition. Transparent sections will simply show the texture of the item frame behind any objects.

Furniture will not display correctly

Furniture items will display as an item frame containing the furniture.

Bedrock Edition does not currently support many chat features found in Java Edition. This includes clickable links, so any links or commands shown will have to be typed manually.

Unsupported block combinations won't appear

Bedrock Edition has different limitations on block positioning, which can occasionally conflict with things possible in Java Edition.

For example, Plant Pots can be placed on Lecterns in Java Edition, but not in Bedrock Edition. When viewed in Bedrock Edition, the plant pots will be missing.

This also affects item frames, which are considered a block rather than an entity in Bedrock Edition. As a result, any blocks sharing space with an item frame will not be visible in Bedrock Edition.