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New Earth rules

These are the rules for the New World Stream and public build server, this applies across all streams and off-stream builds

  • No obnoxious floating text. No obnoxiously tall buildings.
    Floating text and tall buildings only get in the way of the experience and views.
  • Respect the coastline and borders.
    Islands, continents and countries should retain their shape.
  • Build the best you can.
    Low effort and unfinished constructions will be removed.
  • No "clickbait" arrows.
    These have only been allowed in the Middle America region and no where else.
  • Shopping chains like Tesco and Ikea are discouraged
    Keep stores related to the region they are building in. Many of these have been over-done in existing regions already.
  • Your building cannot just be a flag.
    This is classed as low effort.
  • No depictions of war, recent mass tragedy or politics, racism or discrimination or hate symbols of any kind.
    Always be respectful of others.
  • Railways must be at ground level.
    Railways in the air are considered low effort and too tall. We recommend an underground metro instead.
  • No pixel art.
    We find that this obscures other builds. This includes pixel art of skins which are not relevant to the region.
    • Only exception to this is pixel art is allowed on the edge of the world. For example in Antarctica.
  • No building walls around the build area.
    This is considered low effort, and will cause disruption as new areas open and close.

  • Be respectful of other peoples buildings and space.
    Not everyone will want destruction or fire added to their build, please be mindful of other creations. If a large space is claimed but unfinished for an extended time, it may be cleared to open space for other active players.

  • No building roads until the region closure is announced.
    We will only allow the building of roads once a region closure has been announced. This is due to them being considered low effort, low content, and often causes disruptions for other players wanting to build.

In certain circumstances we will be taking into an account both intent and planning of an area to determine how to act. For example where large areas of empty space are concerned.

We will be retroactively applying these rules to existing builds, as well as future ones.

Find something that is against these rules?

Please stand at the location and use the command:

/modreq Description of problem here

This will alert our staff and we will investigate the issue, we appreciate the help!