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In order to see emotes, the RTGame Server Resource Pack must be installed, 

Like many other chat services, the RTGame Server offers emotes for use in the chat, you will find RTGame Twitch Emotes, including Bit, Tier and retired emotes as well as other useful Minecraft emotes.


/emotes This will show the following in chat


Hovering over these will show information for the desired emote.


The grey italics shows the variations of the emote name available, which you can use in chat while surrounded by colons. For example :rtgameheart:

Clicking to copy to clipboard will copy the character. This allows you to paste this into signs and nametags.

For the emote to show clearly on signs, we recommend using the text colour white &f or white dye.


Signs with the &f colour code (left), and white dye (right)